Outlook 2010 not connecting to exchange 2007 over a VPN


Sorry to bother but I am having an issue on one of my customers.I have seen this error on other questions but haven't found the right solution for my case.  The problem is that we have a laptop where outlook 2010 is running and as it is a remote user it connects to different Wireless routers so the DNSs are always different.  When my user connect to a WiFi he is able to start the VPN client, connects with no problem, is able to access map drives on the server and see the server by name but when he starts outlook it just wont connect to exchange. I am able to create a new profile and see the exchange server and add other user accounts but when it goes back to outlook to send and receive email it simply stays disconnected.
I was able to solve the problem setting up manually the primary DNS leaving the exchange server IP address static as the primary DNS but obviously when he connects to different WiFi and just wants to simply surf the web he is not able.

Is there any fix for this? I never seen it happen before, and I've set up many remote users. Dont know if it is a problem with outlook 2010 or exchange 2007....

Any ideas?
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If DNS is the problem then take it out of the equation.

I would recommend setting up the outlook profile using the ip address rather than the server name. Since the ip address is static this should not be a problem and will not require DNS resolution over the VPN.
you might also want to make sure that you can ping the exchange server from the VPN.. I would suspect this isn't a problem since you can access mapped drives and shares.
ArgTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks but the user profile is setup and it works when you set it up by server name or server IP address. The problem is when then you log into outlook it stays "disconnected"
What I was saying about the static IP was really Static DNS. If I ser the primary DNS on the wireless NIC to be the exchange server IP then it works but if I leave the DNS to be obtained by the dhcp server then it doesn't work any more.
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ArgTechAuthor Commented:
yes, Im able to ping the server by name and by IP address as well... no problem with that.
One thing you may also try is create a IP entry on Windows host file on your remote user.  That usually does the trick for my remote users.
ArgTechAuthor Commented:
Yes, got that on lmhosts and hosts file as well. thanks for the idea but still having the issue...
If I ser the primary DNS on the wireless NIC to be the exchange server IP then it works but if I leave the DNS to be obtained by the dhcp server then it doesn't work any more.

If this is the case then I am going to assume that your exchange server has DNS installed and functioning on it. Can you simply add this ip address as a Static DNS entry within your DHCP server that you are giving the computer the VPN IP address from?
Is the connection setup using the Windows VPN client - if so check the following in properties on the VPN connection.

Click Networking Tab > select  TCP/IPv4 > click Properties (You can try setting the DNS for the VPN connection in here and this may help).  

Click Advanced > Set the DNS and WINS manually for the VPN connection.  

If the above don't help try ticking Use gateway on remote network uner TCP/IPv4 - Advanced > IP Settings tab.
Just setup the laptop to use Alternate Ip Configuration

This enable it to work with two different networks.

We do this here where we have Office staff who their Laptop On site, connect to VPN and who want to use their Home Wilress Internet Connectino


This is for XP, but pretty much the same all around
ArgTechAuthor Commented:
Strange.. my customer called saying that everything is up and running and didn't even made any extra changes. I think it was a security issue on the local LAN where he was working from or something. . Thank you guys for your help!!! it is always appreciated!

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ArgTechAuthor Commented:
I ended up not having to do anything for issue to get solved. Customer called telling me things were just working now.
Thank you all for helping!!!
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