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How to insert a new column in a current Crystal Report

RSchierer asked
I am using CR 2011 on a Windows 2008 server.

I imported a report that was created in CR v8.5.

I need to put in a new column that will customize the report to a new client.

The client wants the new column to be shown as the second column in the report.

How do I insert a new column into this report?

thanks in advance!
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New column?
Is that just a field that already is in the recordset the report uses or did you add a new column to the table?

If the data is already available to the report just drag it to the report where you want it and place it.  You may have to move fields right to make room for it.

If the field is a new field/column in the database then you need to do a VERIFY DATABASE to get the filed available to the report then you can just place it as wanted.

If you're just talking about adding a new field to a regular report, there is no "insert column" function.  If there is not enough empty space where you want to put the field, you have to move/resize other fields manually to make room.  FWIW, you can select multiple fields using the usual methods (click and drag, or hold Control or Shift while you click on the fields) and move all of the selected fields at the same time.  That can make this kind of thing a lot easier.