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Oracle 11g Express edition Real Time Backup and Recovery

dillybar asked
Can someone let me know whether Real Time Backup and Recovery
is possible with Oracle Express Edition 11g?

If it's possible, what would I use to accomplish this?

Thank you for your help.
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I don't really understand what you mean by "Real-time" backup and recovery; however, if you want to backup an express edition database, you can do that on demand with the Oracle backup tool RMAN. In terms of recovery, I'm assuming you're referring to point-in-time recovery, which should be possible with express edition given that you have the necessary backup files. I don't think there's a real-time recovery unless you're talking about Oracle Data Guard where changes are synchronized in another nistance. In this case, the express edition does not allow for Data Guard configurations.

Top Expert 2011
- it is possible for online backup. here is link to oracle doc on step by step online backup. with the recovery using the online backup:


thank you for your help. great solution