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Trying to make JIRA accessable from the public Internet

nsca_mitch asked
I am trying to get our JIRA server to b e accessible from the public internet.  I have done the following:
1.       The jira server is on a hyper-v vm.  It has a network connection to the internal network.  Its host server has LAN connections to the internal network and the DMZ.
2.      I can access the jira webpage in the internal network
3.      I have registered a DNS A record with the name nsca-jira.nsca-lift.org
4.      I created a and OUTSIDE incoming rule on my Cisco 5505 ASA allowing HTTP traffic from the IP registered with the DNS record.
5.      I created a DMZ incoming rule allowing HTTP traffic from the Host server DMZ LAN connection to the Jira Server IP.
6.      Jira uses Tomcat instead of IIS, we have pointed Tomcat to the internal IP of the Jira server.
I can’t reach the server from the public internet I am not sure what I need to do next or if what I have done is correct.  This is the first time I have tried to connect a server to the public internet.  Any help would be appreciated.
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You've allowed the incoming traffic, but you have to bind that external IP address to the internal IP address being used by the JIRA server so that the router knows what internal server should be receiving that traffic.  I don't know how specifically to do this on a Cisco ASA, but here's a web post that might help you out:

Have you created a NAT rule for the server?

eg if your WAN address is

static (Inside,Outside) tcp https JIRA-SERVER https netmask
After creating a NAT rule in the ASA it works


it worked