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outlook pst out of space

i went through and deleted a whole year and still not working. The client ha a emergency email that needs to go out. What can I do?
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Wonder if you can rename it? pst.old create new pst and then go back?


would i loose all the archived email? They need all the email he has crucial emails that need to go out thoughts?
Check the *actual* size of the PST.  Did you try and compact it after deleting content?  What version of Outlook are they using?


Try this tool


Where is the PST being stored? if ts in the default outlook folder- C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Throw the PST on the network some place, delete it from the Outlook folder, have the user send their email, verify it went out and you can restore the PST from the outlook import.  


went through cleaned more email and now it seems to be working how can I maximize or increase the pst so this does not happen again
The PST will automatically increase in size until it hits its limit. What that limit is depends on what version of Outlook he's using, and what type of connection to his email he has.

The best version to have is Outlook 2010, which uses Unicode-encoded PST files with a maximum file size of 50GB.

Outlook 2007 uses Unicode-encoded PST files with with a maximum file size of 20GB.

Outlook 2003 also uses mostly Unicode-encoded PST files with with a maximum file size of 20GB. However, for IMAP connections, Outlook uses ANSI-encoded PST files, with a maximum file size of 2GB:

All earlier versions of Outlook use ANSI-encoded PST files, with a maximum file size of 2GB.


Note that if he started with an earlier version of Outlook and then upgraded, the PST files may be in an earlier format. In that case, you should migrate his emails over into a new PST file.

Finally, there are registry changes you can do to to increase the limit on Unicode PSTs, although Microsoft doesn't recommend it:
Lavi ShiffmanConsultant

What is the their PST size?

PST over 1GB may become hard to handle.  I would suggest to split this PST to few smaller ones.  It is not a problem for Outlook to handle few small PST together.  Just open all the small PSTs from the File->Open menu.

I would sudgest that you use archiving to another PST in order to avoid aby further issues like this one.
Archive messages older than one week or one month to another PST.