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Database connector error In CMC

pvsbandi asked

  We got this error on 3 of the reports that are scheduled to run today.
   We have around 300 reports running today and these 3 failed with the "Database Connector Error message."
   but when i reran them, they ran fine and so, for sure, not a code issue ( We use DB2 stored procedures). What could be the other reason? Could this be because of the reports timing out?
  If that'[s the case, where can we increase the time-out option, to not happen again?
Please advise.
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It could be a time out issue.   Though I would think you would get that as the error.

Another issue may be a number of connections issue.  Crystal limits the number of connections you can have open simultaneously.  The default is 5.  You can purchase additional licenses or connections in groups of 5.  A report can require more than 1 connection so if you have 6 or more reports scheduled at the same time you could have some of them wait for a connection to free up and if they wait too long, they could generate that error.

I don't use the CMC so I don't know where the time out is.  You might look at how many reports are scheduled at a given time or how many users try to generate reports and just explain that an error like that just means they need to rerun.



Thank You!