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Deleted IIS-need to copy install from load-balanced 2003 app server

JodyBear asked
I accidentally removed IIS 6.0 from my 2003 app server.  oops.  it is a load-balanced server with the other server having the exact same IIS websites, etc.  i need it back ASAP.  can i re-install IIS and export settings, websites, etc from my other server after loading IIS back on the server and make it like it was?  is this possible?
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Yes use appcmd command line tool


fantastic.  man am i happy to hear that.  this is a network that exists purely for this website - long story i won't bother with.  i have turned the one that no longer has IIS on it, as the site is load-balanced and the website works once i turned off the one i accidentally removed IIS from.

i am not experienced in using that command tool.  could you possibly explain the switches and concerns required to put it back as it was/mirror the config on the working one?
I would use msdepoly. It is a tool from Microsoft to migrate/copy sites/config from one IIS server to another.

and here is a blog post explain how to do it for iis6 to iis6 should be just what you need.
Also consider the old IIS6 migration Tool


also appcmd as mentioned above is IIS7 only AFAIK


these were great responses, although the appcmd exe is for IIS 7, and as i stated i have Win 2003/IIS 6.

the migration and webdeploy are correct and would have worked - wish i saw them before i worked the issue.  i ended up saving the web sites directory in IIS Manager to file (Web Sites - r-click - All Tasks - Save Configuration to a File) and then "Web Sites - New - Web Site (from file)" on the new server.  this worked for me, although the 2 responses i chose as solutions would have worked as well.  thank you.