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Help logging in to cisco 5505 asa

communitypc asked
Can some one help me with a step by step process to log in to cisco 5505 asa.  Method of telnet would be great.  I have never done this but i have an increasing need to learn the cisco asa 5505.  I just need to check to see if the vpn ports are open. thanks!
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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security Specialist

Is it a new, unconfigured device? Also, please try not to use telnet for managing a security device (or for that matter, any device) as long as there are other means like SSH available ;)
Do you have access via ASDM?
Senior infrastructure engineer
Top Expert 2012
Ok, Agree with Gary, no telnet.

But if you never done this and don't even know if you can telnet........

Do you have the flat blue cable that came with the ASA? One side has a DB-9 (COM) connection and the other side an RJ45 (not network in this case :).
Use that to make a console connection. Put the RJ45 in to the console port of the ASA (it's marked) and the other side in to a COM port on a PC. Then use something like putty www.putty.org to connect to the firewall.

If you got that working, come back and we'll figure the rest out :)