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Drag & Drop moving of Messages in Outlook 2010

jdharm66 asked
I have just deployed a new Windows 7 machine with Microsoft Office 2010 installed.  The user is complaining that they are unable to click and drag any email message from their inbox (or otherwise) to any other folder.  When they attempt this operation when the mouse over any of the folders the pointer turns into the circle with a line through it and when the mouse button is released the message returns to its original location.  Yet the user can right-click on a message and utilize the move command in the context menu no problem.  I have also verified that Dragging & Dropping is enabled in the Start Menu properties, as well as testing dragging & dropping on the desktop with no problems.
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I attempted to both solutions in the linked weblog but to no avail.
If the issue only occurs under one user profile you might try deleting and creating a new Outlook profile for that user. As usual, take the standard precautions of backing up any Outlook data for that user. You will need to go through the Control Panel and Mail icon in order to delete the in use Outlook profile.
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Try renaming the Outlook folder at the following paths to "Outlook-Old".....


This rebuilds the "file" based part of the mail profile, without having to recreate the profile.....


I was able to run the "Repair" option on the email account through the Mail Control Panel and was able to resolve the issue.



I did not have to delete to profile, all I did was repair the profile.