Uber slow network transfer speed

My lovers,

I have 2 clone computers, same hardware... both running Windows 7 Professional 64Bits and both have the Wireless PCI Adapter Nexxt ION300 (300mb/s). Windows Firewall are disabled and both computers are part of the same network and share files in the HomeGrupo without problems, interconnectivity is working fine.. also the systems are clean, format / installed both yesterday.

The router i have is a Lynksis WRT54G (54mb/s)  both computers are very near and with excelent signal strength... BUT ... when i copy files the transfer rate is 998kb/s thats a shame.. i need to copy 30GB of information and will last more than 9 hours, thats inefficient and unaceptable.

Help needed here!

Nexxt Solutions ION 300 is a Wireless PCI Adapter designed for the very latest wireless standard IEEE802.11n, also compatible with the previous IEEE802.11g/b standards. Its fast transmission rate gives you a better performance – 300Mbps - and reduces dead spots in the coverage area.

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Lavi ShiffmanConsultant Commented:
While your wireless adapters are in 802.11n standard, your router is a 802.11G standard, which is an older and slower.  If you want to expedite the transfer, you'll need a 802.11N router as well.  Better yet, connect the 2 computers to the router using CAT5E cables -- this is the best and fastest way to move data between them.
mandriluyAuthor Commented:
I can't use cables, is physicaly impossible .. i know my router is 54mb/s and 802.11G and my adapters are 300mb/s still its supposed that my transfer speed should be 54mb/s or around 50 .. not less than 1 mb :(
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mandriluyAuthor Commented:
None of the ways helped... its supposed to transfer at 54mb/s  but still getting 1mb max on windows.
Lavi ShiffmanConsultant Commented:
Lets explain this 54mbps.  This is a theoretical speed that don't take into account the overhead of the wireless channel.  Effectively, your maximum throughput is around 22Mbps.  You have also to consider that the wireless channel is half-duplex, meaning that when one computer in sending data over the air, the 2nd router is idle.  That makes the effective throughput at only 11mbps.  If you divide 11mbps by 8 you get 1.4MB/s.

If your wireless setting isn't optimal, the 1.4MB/s throughput will deteriorate rapidly.

Bottom line - the results you see are as expected and as I wrote previously, using an 802.11n router can change this.
mandriluyAuthor Commented:

Effectively, your maximum throughput is around 22Mbps. You have also to consider that the wireless channel is half-duplex, meaning that when one computer in sending data over the air, the 2nd router is idle.
2nd router? 54 / 2 = 27mb/s  how is my other computer dividing the speed at half.. thats ridiculous, then if i have 40 computers i will transfer at 10kb/s ? makes no sense to me.

If you divide 11mbps by 8 you get 1.4MB/s.
Why divide by 8 ?

Half-duplex seems fine, i forgot it .. some cisco certificated person told me that my main problem was ambient noise, that seems reasonable since when i move one computer 5cms then i get my signal down to 40% .. :S

Lavi ShiffmanConsultant Commented:
In order to transmit data over a wireless channel, some management of the channel is required.  So your data doesn't enjoy the full bandwidth of Mbps.  Some of this bandwidth is dedicated to management and control packages.  The management packages consume more than half of you bandwidth leaving only around 22Mbps for you actual data.

That means that over a wireless channel the effective amount of data (throughput) is around 3MB/s and since the channel is half-duplex than you can move around 1.4MB/s.

Mbps is mega-bits per second while MS/s is mega-bytes per second.  In order to convert from the first to the 2nd you need to divide by 8.

You wrote that you get around 1mb/s which is expected.

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mandriluyAuthor Commented:
Hi lavis10,  Now i understood what you mean.. but, 54mb/s  wireless networks work at 1MB/s speed ? still not making sense to me.. because that speed is a peace of crap, is like going backwards to 90's ... unaceptable speed for a network really.  Still your math is good and make sense to me, thanks for your assistance.
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