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Automate updating of Chart

Attached file has a chart that I am creating from Data extracted from MS Project. I am trying to automate it since I need to create new charts every week for about 20 Projects.

Instructions included on eperate tab

1. Has anyone created a Visual report template to extract the fields I am pulling from Project. I haven't been able to find a data set that includes all the fields.
2. Since each project has different start and end dates. I am looking for a way to
    a. Create the range dates for the chart base on teh information extracted
    b. Automate the data range selection in the chart to fit the range in  (a), Except for the "actual completions". that range needs to stop at the end of the reporting period

Any other thoughts that you may have to automate some of the other instructions to update the charts. Sample-Chart.xlsm
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So you need the chart to update to the USED range each time?


Yes but the range changes With each extract of the data

Jon Peltier has a lot of "dynamic chart" examples on his website, does the below link or do any of the linked examples help?



Thanks for the redirect. It is helping walk through the steps to try this out.