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Can't browse to one workstaion on the domain server 2003

I was working on a batch file to shutdown outlook and then back it up to an NAS device in the scheduler, the batch file was in the ROOT directory - this is a Windows 7 Pro PC on a domain. Only robocopy and taskikll were used in the batch file I had some access denied issues running batch file so I added the domain\user to the local administrators group. I may have changed something else but I'm not much of a hack - like to be able and come back and follow what I did.

This is a newly rebuilt Server 2003 SP3 and there have been some anomaly’s but not one like this. I can browse to  every other Windows 7 and XP PC on the domain

I get an access denied, contact the administrator message when I try to browse to the PC in question on the domain from the server logged on as administrator.
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A reboot took care of the issue, I knew I should have done that before posting...


resolved the issue with a reboot