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cisco catalyst backup

unosms asked
hello ,

i have 2 switches cisco catalyst 1 is 2950 and 1 is 2960 , how can i backup the configuration from the old one 2950 and restore it to the new one 2960 ?

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Here's what I would do...

Download tftp32 and install it on your computer
Run tftp on your computer and plug it into the same network as your 2950

Log into the 2950 and run the command: copy start tftp
it will prompt you for the IP address which will be the computer you have tftp installed on

once backed up plug your 2960 switch into the network and login
type in: copy tftp start
It will prompt you for the name of the file to import which is the file you backed up from the 2950 (called startup-config)
Reboot the 2960 when it's done and you're good to go


i m using linux os , is there any tool on linux ? instead of microsoft
If you don't have a tftp server you could telnet to the 2950 and perform a show running-config. Select the text and copy it to the buffer of your computer.

Use telnet or a console cable and terminal emulator (if there's no configuration at all on the 2960) to connect to the 2960.

conf t

paste the config from you're computer's buffer into the telnet or terminal emulator screen.
Ernie BeekSenior infrastructure engineer
Top Expert 2012

Keep an eye though on incompatibilities. If you paste the whole config at once (depending on how big it is) you might overlook that.
Better paste smaller parts and look if the new switch accepts them without errors.


ok ,

how can i do that erniebeek ?


Check that the interface names are the same on both switches (show run) e.g. does the 2960 have fast ethernet interfaces or gigabit interfaces (which model of 2960 is it?) I think the interface types are the same on these switches.

Keep an eye on error messages as you paste the configuration. If the switch doesn't understand what has been pasted in you'll see error messages with ^ symbol pointing to where the error is. It'll skip the parts it doesn't understand and continue with the rest so make sure all of the configuration goes in.