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POP Access to Exchange Server

James Parsons
HI. We have an SBS 2003 Server running Exchange. The POP3 Connector is installed. What do I need to do to setup (port forwarding etc) to allow access to the Exchange server remotely through both OWA and through Outlook using POP mail?
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The POP3 connector is for "pulling" emails from some *other* already existing pop3 server and delivering it to a user's Exchange mailbox. The mail purpose of it is to provide a way to smoothly migrate users who are using old POP3 email accounts (e.g. someperson@hotmail.com) and pull new emails arriving in their old email account and have it delivered into their new Exchange mailbox during the transition period.

What you want to do is enable POP access to your exchange server. Check out these instructions:

Jon BrelieSystem Architect

What you want to do is open, or setup NAT for ports
110 - POP3
80 - HTTP
443 - SSL
25 - SMTP


Thanks folks. So i've forwarded those ports to the exchange server, but don't seem to be able to connect. Also if I want to connect on OWA, what ports should I forward?
Jon BrelieSystem Architect

OWA is ports 80 and 443, but as Frosty pointed out, you haven't completed your POP configuration correctly.
Hi All. Found out that the ISP was blocking incoming ports needs to be opened because of the plan the client had with them.


Port forwarding was correct on the server. Issue was caused by the ISP not allowing access through the ports needed.