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PC gets DHCP but fails ping to gateway

Mark Litin
Mark Litin asked

I have a client with windows 2000 and a network issue.

The client uses 2 pc's for their business. Computer 1is XP  which they use for drafting and never internet  . This pc has a static IP and subnet, but no gateway or DNS.  Computer 2 has Windows 2000, and  they use for that computer for internet. Computer 2 has two NICs, one connected to a switch which is used to connect both computers for sharing, and the other connected to the router for internet access.

The sharing happens fine, but the connection to the internet is not working.  The symptoms are:
1. It is set up for DHCP, and succeeds getting IP, Gateway and DNS settings.
2. It fails to ping the gateway
3. Internet connection fails (of course)

I have tried a new NIC for the adapter used for internet, and the CPI slot where it is installed.  However no dice.  DHCP fails, but no ping to the gateway.

What could be wrong here? It used to work fine.

Thanks lots!

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I assume you are talking about internet access on Computer 2, correct?  If you're trying to get Computer 1 on the internet then we have a different path to take...

What is the IP Address of the internet router?
What is the IP address that the "internet NIC" is getting from the router?
Does the gateway address for the "internet NIC" the same as the IP Address of the router?
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory Engineer
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Have you tried to do a NICs bridge on that 2000 machine? Select both cards and click on them right mouse button then choose bridge

After that internet connection on XP should work fine

Mark LitinOwner


Hi rsimsee

Yes, computer 2;  THE WIN2000 BOX

the router/gateway is

The NIC is getting:

DNS 1&2:

I got the same values successfully connecting from my machine.

Hi iSiek

Thanks.  I'll try that tomorrow.

.71 is an odd dhcp address when you only have 2 computers, but that's another story....

Ok, so what happens when you ping from computer 2?
What kind of router is it?
Can you access the web config page on the router?
Is the router connecting ok / what is it's WAN ip address / gateway?
What is the IP Address of the *other* nic in computer 2?

And lastly, do you know why they have it hooked up like this at all?  The only reason I could think of is if they wanted to isolate computer 1 from the internet, but there are easier ways to do it than this.  The "normal" way of hooking up would be to have 1 nic in each pc and have them both plugged into the router.  I apoligize if you realize this, but I don't know your level of expertise :)

Mark LitinOwner



I think the pc just has a long lease.

The ping times out, though it gets consistent dhcp info.
It's  2Wire, supplied by ATT with Uverse service.  Other computers can connect just fine, so it's something with the PC.

Yes, they want to isolate computer 1 from the internet, and this setup is what they've been using

No worries, just stumped.
Mark LitinOwner


I'll check the rest out tomorrow...


How many other computers are there?

What happens if you ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew that nic - does it still come back with a valid address?
Mark LitinOwner


Hi All

Sorry 'bout the delay...

The problem was solved through elimination of one of the NICs and setting networks to that those who wanted internet access could get it and those who did not had no connection to the gateway.  Everything id now hunky dory!

I will now award points.