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disabling controls on form

davetough asked
Hello, am attaching db
open database- click enter time sheet button
select name: dade mike
password: 654321
weekend date: select dec 3rd, 2011
click log on.

I am trying to create method to disable the controls on forms that are not displaying data for the current week.
If you look in the form load code-
I created a field in tblTimeSheets called [Locked]
and there is code in the forms load procedure - but it does not work-
trying to make allowadditions, deletions, and edits False
what i am want is to have controls locked on old time sheet forms and also way admin can unlock to edit.
thank you
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Give these changes a try for the code that disables your controls:

        If mrstTimesheets("Locked") = True And CDate(Me.txtEndDate) < Date Then
            Me.AllowAdditions = False
            Me.AllowDeletions = False
            Me.AllowEdits = False
        End If

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