How to get a very old book on Statistics?

I remember a very good book "Statistics for Physicists" by Hudson (1964).

I'd like to read or purchase it now.
Is it possible?
Google and Library of Congress search did not help much.

Other suggestions with statistics book, not for completely "dummies" but not for professional mathematicians either?
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Where did you come across this book originally?

I checked Abe Books, and the MIT Library (800+ books on statistics), and the Library of Congress.

I did find this:

If the LoC doesn't know about it, it may never have existed.
midfdeAuthor Commented:
Perhaps you are right, d-glitch. It was D. J. Hudson, "Statistics for physicists," CERN Report (unpublished), (Geneva, 1964);
I ordered the book by B. Martin that you recommended.
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