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Sum Case in MS SQl

Ho can I make a sum case statement work

                    when a.var1 = 9 then 0 else a.var1  +
                        when a.var2 = 9 then 0 else a.var2          )
      ) as sumbeg,
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Jason YousefSr. BI  Developer

I'm not sure what you're trying to do here !! the query doesn't to make sense

anyway test that, if it didn't 'work fr, please attache an example..
Select A + B from (

Select 'A' = case when a.var1 = 9 then 0 else a.var1 END , 
	'B' = Case when a.var2 = 9 then 0 else a.var2 END

from Table

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I have a big  query in a store procedur. So I am taking only the part that I need to change.
This is how it was originally,
Select A, B, C, D,
      SUM((ISNULL(s.var1,0)) + (ISNULL(s.var2,0))  as sumbeg,
        SUM((ISNULL(a.var1,0)) + (ISNULL(a.var2,0))  as summid,

All I need to do is to exclude the value  s.var1 = 9 and make it 0 the same for var2

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SUM((ISNULL(NULLIF(s.var1, 9),0)) + (ISNULL(NULLIF(s.var2, 9),0))  as sumbeg,
SUM((ISNULL(NULLIF(a.var1, 9),0)) + (ISNULL(NULLIF(a.var2, 9),0))  as summid,


thanks a lot. U are awesome