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HP Officejet 6500 Printing Green

mavcom asked

An HP Officejet printer is only printing green. It says that it has black ink but when I checked the cartridge seemed empty, I changed to another one which I was told was full- but which seems very light and the same think happens. The blue cartridge shows as empty.

Do you have any idea what may be the cause?
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I would verify that the cartridges you are using are indeed full (or at least not empty) and that they are clean on the bottom.
This means all cartridges including the red.
Check the cartridge holder (the area that the cartridges slip in to) are clean as well. Sometimes they get gummed up with old ink. You can use a alcohol free swab or wipe to clean as necessary. (Just make sure the printer is unplugged.)
Make sure to dry the areas cleaned as well.
If the printer is giving any type of error messages please post them.
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print an alignment and test page , to see if it comeds from the printer
you can clean the nozzle of the cartridges with a soft moistened rag
Printers don't use green ink. Like most printers the OJ6500 uses cyan (light blue), magenta (dark pink), yellow and black. If it's printing green that means that both cyan & yellow are working.

Have you done the printer's internal test print (from the front panel)? What does it look like?
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Just as an odd thought, I had a similar problem a whiles ago, printing a grayscale picture which came out very dark green not black & white. I discovered it was the paper I had in it was made for an Epson printer, which uses a different ink process (cold) to the HP (hot), and the paper was formulated for Epson ink. Changing to HP paper fixed the problem.


There was ink in the printer and it was using the same paper as before. The owners sent it back to the company they bought it from.
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did you print a test page?  any results?



As I indicated I never knew what the problem was. The original vendor collected the machine and has not returned it to this point..