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What rails to mount a SuperMicro 1U in a Dell Rack Chasis?

Jon Jaques
Jon Jaques asked
Hello, I bought some used rack equipment off of ebay, and am trying to put it all together, but I need some guidance figuring out what rack rails to get to mount my servers.

The rack itself is a Dell, and my servers are Supermicros; I'm attaching a couple of pictures, one of the rack itself, one of the rail that came on one of the servers.

What I need to know is:
What do I need to know about this in order to buy rails?
Do rails come with both the part that goes on the server, AND the part that goes inside the rack?
Are rails fairly standard?
Anything else jump out at you that I need to know? LOL.

Thanks for your help!

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Racks are normally either square hole or round hole. I see in the picture yours are square.

You can buy rails from the manufacturer, but sometimes that is either expensive or impossible, depending on the age of the equipment.

Anyway, if you don't have the mounting rails for the specific servers already, you can buy a universal rail. This is really just a set of bars you mount in the rack and sit the server on.

Alternative, you can buy a shelf that hangs in the rack. I know APC makes these.
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It's a terrible photo of the rail but it appears that it is bolted to the server so I think it's just the inner rail. The outer part is probably still in the rack the server came out of. Assuming you buy rails off SuperMicro for that particular chassis they are most likely to fit so long as they are depth adjuatable. It's almost guarnteed supermicro ones are depth adjustable since their target customer may have any make of rack.

Supermicro 1U rails here (although can only see outer part in the pic) http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1611332 . Not necessarily the same supermicro 1U rails you need though.
Jon JaquesInformation Technologist


Thanks for your replies! Very much appreciated!

Yes, the rack holes are square; is that kind of a "key indicator" when buying rails? It looks like there's a piece that snaps into the square hold that gives you something to screw into; are those pieces common and commonly available?

Also yes, that is a terrible picture... we have a rule around here, "never let a perfectly good project go uninterrupted by 10 phone calls"! And yes, that is just the inner rail... would a better picture help any?

By "chassis", I presume you're talking about the server, and not the rack, correct?

So, putting it all together, I want to buy rails for my model supermicro for a rack with square holes, with sufficient depth; is that all I need to know to make a good purchase? :D

Again, thanks for your input, I'll share points appropriately!!!!

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You need the supermicro chassis part number, then look it up on their site and it will list the rail kit for it unless you also have the outer rail. That's how I got the part number CSE-PT8L but it might be for the wrong one as I just guessed at the server. The piece that snaps into the square hole is called a cage nut, there are only about two screw threads for the nut and a couple of depths for the cage depending in the rack metal thickness. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cage_nut
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Worst case, as I said you can just get a universal rail kit for a square hole rack.

These should do the trick, but there are others like it from other manufacturers. http://www.apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=SU032A
Jon JaquesInformation Technologist


Thanks for your help guys!