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SQL Server Insufficient Permission

Login failed for user 'WINDOWUSER'. Reason: Failed to open the explicitly specified database. [CLIENT:].

I've dropped and recreated the account and I've updated the orphaned records; however I'm still getting the above error message.  Any thoughts/help is greatly appreciated.
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>> Failed to open the explicitly specified database.  <<
The default database for the login does not exists anymore. Just change it.
Can you double check you're connecting to the database you want. Connection string?


When I give the account "sysadmin" permissions, everything works fine.  Thoughts?

thats because sysadmin has less limits
- check which database is mentioned in connect string (or default database)
- trace (profiler) conections and sql-actions by that user when he can work (as sysadmin) so you can see what databases it tries to connect