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Exchange 2010 and Relay Restrictions

tolinrome asked
In Exchange 2003 I had a few internal subnets on the relay properties of the default smtp virtual server so they could be authorized to send email. On my 2010 server would I add these internal subnets to the default receive connector on the network tab? "Use these local IP Addresses to receive mail" Add...

or do I make a new receive connector for each subnet?

btw, why is there a client receive connector and a default connector? Thanks!
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Technical Development Lead
Always, for security sake, creat a new recieve connector for somethink like this.
Client is for outlook.


ok, I will create a new receive connector for these subnets.
also, on the send connector properties, on the source server tab. It says "Associate this connector with the following hub transport servers" but none are selected. Should I add th ehub transport server?
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

You do not need to specify no.