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Slow Internet on System

I have one system for some reason is extremely slow on the Internet.  Any thing I can check to see what would be causing it to be slow?


Running I.E 8.
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Hi, you might have some spyware or another program using your internet connection.
Run your antivirus and ani spyware software.

Open task manager and see the process and if you can put the screenshot of that so that we can see.


Thanks, will give that a go.

Never thought of that... :)

I will get a screenshot up soon.
A large number of Temporary Internet files can slow Internet Explorer down. Click Start, in run box type "%temp%" without the quotes. delete all files in the window that opens. While you're at it also clean out Temp and Prefetch. Next in the Run box type cmd and press enter
In the DOS window that opens at the blinking cursor type ipconfig /flushdns
(space after the g)
if you need to scan for malware use rkill to stop malicious processes before running the scan.