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Outlook 2003 Print Calendar with Surrounding Months

amy150 asked
I am using Outlook 2003.  When I print a calendar I am doing so that there is only one calendar per page.  However, when I print it doesn't show the surrounding months.  It shows either the month before and the present month OR the month after and the present month.

When I say "surrounding months" what I mean is like most general calendars, when you are say on december, in the lower right or sometimes at the top you will see november and january.  In Outlook calendar view you have the navigation pane on the left hand side.  You can view several months there and if done correctly you can make it so, like I said previously, you can print either the previous month and present month OR the present month and the next month.  It will print these months at the top of the page above the large view of the present month.

I would like the large view of the present month printed and then above it I would like the previous month and the next month printed as a regular household calendar normally shows.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Raymond PengSystems Engineer

Calendar printing is a known issue with Microsoft.  You should try downloading the Calendar printing assistant:


You'll need to update to Service Pack 2 for Calendar printing assistant if you don't have it.



The link you provided is for Outlook 2007.  I am working with Outlook 2003.  This points me in the right direction however.  

Do you know if there is a tool similar to this for Outlook 2003?

Also, it seems like you can create your own templates which I am not opposed to doing.  If someone knows anything about that it would be greatly appreciated if you passed along some information.

Systems Engineer
My apologies, did not realize you were on 2003. Below is a link with a wide range of tools. I can't go into details on how each of them work since I haven't used those except the 2007 printing assistant.   Hope it helps.