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What is the best Portable Digital Recorder

Hi all

I am attending lectures sometimes, and I need to record it. Usually, it is far away from the leturer. i like to sit in at the back.

I did my homework googling about the subject. Really, it was not easy to decide as I am not that guru in this field.

There are many companies: Sony, Tascam, Zoom ...etc.
Also, many products from each company.

What I need Is:
- Small one that I can carry with me easily not as Sony PCM-D1 which is so big.
- My budget is under $700.
- Can record in MP3 and WAV.
- Has a rechargable battery along with other power source.
- Can record from its own mic, no need to add other mics.

I think that Tascam DR100 or PCM-D50 will do the job, but not sure.

I hate sony because of its memory stick

Any help, please.
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Hi, all I know is that recording a type of conference using an inbuilt mic say on a voice recorder type of device the MIC used will also pickup background sound/noise
If you want to get the speaker clearly from a distance eliminiating  any other background sounds a usb noise cancelling  mic  may help
For your consideration this one has a good reputation and a high ratings, I cant really say if it is suitable for you.
But definately try and test these before buying if possible.
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If you want a high quality mp3 recorder that is suitable even for music, I would recommend the Zoom H2: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/480163-REG/Zoom_H2_H2_Ultra_Portable_Digital_Audio.html  If you could get a good directional mic, that would improve the sound quality, but the built-in mic is pretty good.
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