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Force Printer Dialog box to always open.

Our medical software forces printing to the default printer.  I need to force the printer dialog box to open every time we print so we can choose where to send print job.  Ctrl P does not work within the software.  How can I either set OS so there is no default printer or force the dialog box to open when we choose print.  This is a critical issue as it is a workaround for another problem built into the software.
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I've looked into this but come up blank.

If you remove all the printers from the machine, are they prompted then? Maybe at that point they could choose a printer on the network.

Without knowing more about the issue you are trying to workaround, I can't really suggest other fixes. However would setting a PDF printer as the default printer be any use? If you always print to PDF, you could print the PDF's to a physical printer of your choice later as a separate step.


Thanks for your response.  I am using the "print to PDF" option now as a temporary fix but it forces the user to always print to pdf unless the default printer is changed.  If I could force the printer dialog window to open every time a print request is made, it would solve my problem.
The Doctor has no patience for switching the defaul printer every time she wants to print.  If she prints a medical note, a referral letter, a prescription etc.  She cannot take the time to change the default printer each time or let everything be forced to pdf & convert and print.  As you know, most programs you can choose the printer via the dialog box but some parts of this fully intergrated medical software will ONLY go to the default printer other parts will open dialog box. .  My entire problem could be solved if I could force the "printer dialog box to open on every print request.
I can't find a way to do exactly what you're looking for. But I may have a suitable solution.

When looking into virtual printers, I found "FinePrint".

It seems you should be able to install the software as a virtual printer, and set it as the default printer for all jobs to be sent to it. When you print to it you are presented with options, including the ability to choose which physical printer to send the print job to.

 virtual printer which prints to physical printer


Thanks for this solution.  This is a very easy workaround and solves our problem.