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How can I create a shared Exchange account and set different permissions on subfolders?

gs-rho asked

      We would like to set up a scenario, in Exchange 2007 SP3 (on Windows 2008 SP2), where two users share an Exchange account/inbox. They both have it set up in Outlook, where obviously, they can both send and receive. But we are wondering if it is possible to set up two subfolders, so that if email is culled into one subfolder, the other user cannot access it anymore. In other words, only one person has access to a subfolder of that inbox. Is there some way to do this? Thanks.
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log in as the mailbox user and change the permissions on the subfolders.
or make the destination folders public folders and change the permissions accordingly
Yes you can do it.
1. First remove both of the users from manage full access permission but keep send as or send on behalf permission so that they could be able to send mail from shared mailbox
2. Configure the shared mailbox on outlook
3. Create folders the users
4. Create Server side rule for the incoming mails so that the incoming mail go to the required user folder
5. Now assign the access permission to the user on particular folder
check this link how to assign /share permission on particular folder in outlook:-


once you have done this users will only able to access the particular folder instead of all mails.


Sorry for the delay on this.
By the way, akicute555, we actually want to maintain that those 2 users have access to the calendars and contacts of this accounts. So, perhaps it would be best to keep the full access permission, but I guess that would allow anyone to change the permissions of the subfolders whenever they want, right? If we removed full access permissions, and used 'send as'... I forget if they could still have full access to the calendar and contacts. Any thoughts on that? Thanks.