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Canon IR3035 LPR vs RAW printing

i have a small workstation running XP SP3 servicing print services for a Canon IR3035.

i set a standard TCP/IP port set to RAW port 9100. i have SNMP checked. Advanced settings are set to "Spool print Documents so program finishes printing faster" and i have set the "start printing immediately" option.

i checked "print spooled documents first" and "enable advanced printing features"

a 1MB pdf document is taking 8-10 minutes to spool and print which i think is a little too long...which setting works for printing documents faster?

any Canon techs out there that may know?
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10 min is indeed a long time. However, the size of the PDF file bears no real relation to the size of the printer spool file. However, the spool file will always be much bigger than the document size.

While the print is being sent, double-click the print icon in the task manager (bottom right of the screen) to see what the spool file size is.


Well, that should definitely not take that long. And all your settings seem correct. You could try un-ticking ""enable advanced printing features", and disabling SNMP, but I'm clutching at straws.
solution was to set LPR port and byte counting...
Interesting. Not sure how that could affect it but at least you fixed it.

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found solution from Canon tech support