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SBS 2011 STD / Exchange SMTP Connectors are Invalid HELP?!@

howien asked
"Fix my network" scanned indicated "Exchange SMTP Connectors are invalid"
Any comment / suggestion Appreciates!
Email send/receive works fine,

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What happens when you click on finish.Normal issues with connectors can be fixed by the wizard it self. If it cannot resolve the issue then go to check if your exchange management console opens up or not. Or run the SBS 2011 BPA. You can obtain Windows SBS 2011 BPA from the Microsoft Download Center . For more information about Windows SBS 2011 BPA, see Using the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard Best Practices Analyzer . Link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg508357.aspx. Most of the errors that pop up can be fixed with the description provided along with it or at least it will guide you towards the right track.
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So if email was working fine, what was not working that you decided to run the fix my network wizard?
There are two possibilities that will cause this behavior:

The Default ServerName receive connector is missing in Exchange at the time that you run the FNCW.
The Default ServerName receive connector’s Authentication and Permissions Groups settings are wrong at the time that you run the FNCW.

To create a new connector:

In the Exchange Management Console, expand Server Configuration, Hub Transport, Receive Connectors
Click on New Receive Connector in the Actions pane
Name the receive connector default Servername where Servername is the hostname of your server.
For the intended use for this Receive Connector, choose Custom.
In both the Local and Remote Network settings windows, accept the defaults
Once its created, open the properties of the receive connector.
Compare the authentication and permissions settings from a working machine or look for the settings online.
"Fix my network" scanned indicated "Exchange SMTP Connectors are invalid"

complete the Wizard, Ideally Fix my network Wizard fixes the Exchange SMTP error,

If not, Please check the following blog That Might Help you





Dear Experts:
Neotiwary, the original post screenshot contain your question/answer. Please view both images, thanks,

CrisHanna_MVP, Good Question Jist not what this question/post needed. But I still want to know if exchange send/receive being work/working why "FNCW" resulted otherwise? That' the question needed to find suggestion/comment/answer, thanks!

Libran2011, Thanks for the links /Url But the answer in my situation here with the post asked.

No solution still thanks for all effort you guys deserve it!