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Unable to Sync Windows 7 phone with Exchange 2010 - ActiveSync Error 86000C0A

Unable to Sync Windows 7 phone with Exchange 2010 - Activeync Error 86000C0A

Troubleshooting we have tried:
- Matched settings with another phone that where ActiveSync is working, SSL is on, password is correct, domain name is correct, mail server name is correct
- Wiped the phone
- Tried another phone of the same model and OS
- Checked the inherit permissions box in the advanced security area of the active directory user account.
- Deleted the active directory user account and restored it to last week, before the problem started.  Unfortunately we can't think of anything that has changed that may have caused this.

Is it worth to call our wireless carrier Verizon?  We could also delete the user account and make a new one, if we cannot come up with any other ideas.

I can turn on basic logging or advanced logging when setting up activesync on the phone, but I have no idea where these logs save to.

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Hello hschager,
I already tried that solution (which has often worked for other people's smart phones with this issue.

To resolve, I backup up the user's mailbox to a PST file, deleted the user from active directory, created a new user account in active directory, restored the user's mailbox contents from the PST file.