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Systems Development

Billa7 asked
Hi Experts,

I need Experts help. Is there any book or article for me to get more detail on
"Strategic Planning and Systems Development"?
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Professional Troublemaker^h^h^h^h^hshooter
I suspect you haven't had much response because the topic 'Strategic Planning and Systems Development' is a potentially HUGE field, and could potentially cross a number of different disciplines.  (Amazon kicks up over three hundred books with those search parameters...)

I'm not a System Development expert, but I've done some IT Strategic planning in the past... I don't believe I'm the most qualified expert to answer.  I'd suggest two possible tacts at this point:
  1) Clarify what you are asking for.
  2) Consider including more specialized zones, such as IT Administration, or Systems Programmings (if those are the areas you are really asking about.)


Thanks for the advice.