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Serial port on SPA-2XT3/E3 does not show up in sh int status?

6504#sh mod
Mod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.
--- ----- -------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------
 4    0  4-subslot SPA Interface Processor-200  7600-SIP-200       JAExxxxxxxx

Mod  Sub-Module                  Model              Serial       Hw     Status
---- --------------------------- ------------------ ----------- ------- -------
 4/0 2xT3E3 SPA                  SPA-2XT3/E3        JAExxxxxxxx  1.1    Ok

No serial ports show up in "show int status"?

6504#sh controllers serial
Serial4/0/0 - (SPA-2XT3/E3) is up
   Framing is c-bit, Clock Source is Internal
   Bandwidth limit is 44210, DSU mode 0, Cable length is 30 feet
   rx FEBE since last clear counter 28, since reset 60
   Data in current interval (840 seconds elapsed):

6504#sh run interface Serial4/0/0
 mtu 1500
 ip address xx.xx.xx.xx
 encapsulation ppp
 ip policy route-map xxxxxxxx
 dsu bandwidth 44210
 framing c-bit
 cablelength 30
 clock source internal

Is this normal behavior for this type of card and interface?
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Josh ThomasSystems Administrator
I've done some quick research and found several examples of "sh int status" online, but I've yet to discover one displaying any serial ports. It appears to be the norm. If you need to check the status of your serial ports, you'll have to use something like "sh int serial".

Have you ever seen a serial interface show up using the command "sh int status"?


I don't know and that is why I am asking.

Yes, that is normal behavior. We have lots of 1xCHSTM1 SPAs installed in 7600 routers, and serial interfaces never show up in "sh int status" output.
To see serial status, you can use:
#show run | i Serial

If you want to filter sub-interfaces from output use:
#show int | i (Serial.*:0 )

You can also configure alias command, for example:
(config)#alias exec SerialStatus show int | i Serial



"show int | i (Serial.*:0 )" did not return anything?

"show interfaces | begin Serial" seems to work well.
Sorry, I just noticed mistake in my previous post. It should be:
#show int | i Serial
not show run.

What version of IOS you have?