Can JavaScript block RealPlayer pop-up?


I am hoping someone knowledgeable in JavaScript can help me with a problem.  I want to embed a video inside a web survey hosted by SurveyGizmo.  I am using Vimeo Pro to host the video.  So far everything is working fine with one slight, well not so slight, problem.  I need to make it very difficult/impossible for someone to download the video.  When I watch the video in SurveyGizmo, my browser's Real Player plug in pops up and asks if I want to download the video.  This despite all of the precautions I have taken to protect the video including:

- Making the video private so it is invisible to the Vimeo community
- Using Vimeo Pro's feature to block all downloads of the source file
- Setting the embed so it only runs on my domain.

I have done a lot of research on this and from what I can tell it has to do with the way Vimeo delivers the video.  They use progressive downloading, which means they download the actual video file, a little at a time, until the entire file is downloaded and stored in Temp Internet cache. Most sites use this method and Real Player's browser plug-in can easily grab it.  The other option is actual streaming video.  This feeds out the video in very small pieces, but continually keeps feeding it out, so there is no buildup of an actual video file. From what I read  RealPlayer cannot capture true streaming video.  Services like Viddler provide actual streaming video.  I would use Viddler but it is 1) 6 times the price of Vimeo and 2) is missing other features I need that Vimeo offers.

A thought occurred to me for a possible work around.  The video is embedded in a text/rich media (non question) page.  This page supports HTML which makes the embedding possible.  I went online and found JavaScript to display a counter.  When I added this to the page it worked fine.

Can JavaScript be used to either block all popups on the page, block Real Player, or delete the file being saved in Temp Internet Cache?  I would want this JavaScript to only run on this one page.

Here is the $64,000 question.  If the answer to the above is yes, would a JavaScript expert be so kind as to provide me with the code?  I do not know JavaScript and it would take me many months of learning and trial and error to develop it myself.  I need to find a solution by this weekend, or I will have to switch back to Viddler which is sub-optimal.

Thanks for your help!!!

P.S. How risky is it to add JavaScript to the survey?  Could it interfere with other survey functionality?
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What you are trying to do would be prevented by browser security.  You cannot script access to the user local file system.  Even if you could find a way around that restriction, the user could simply disable scripting with the click of a checkbox.  If you use technology that uses the cache, then the cache files are going to remain on the user's computer until they are deleted either manually by the user or automatically based on the user settings.   So they will have access to the files and the ability to save them permanently.

I know that is not the answer you would prefer, but the technology is what it is.


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MrChip2PresidentAuthor Commented:
Hi Cobol,

Thanks for the information.  You are right, it's not what I wanted to hear.  I have probably spent 8 hours surfing various forums trying to find a solution.  It seems that the only true solution is to switch to a service that does true streaming that does not download the video to cache.  I checked and Viddler, which is supposed to offer this, suffers from the same problem.  Do you know of any companies that offer true streaming?

In the meantime, I wanted to run by you a work around.  I can program the survey page to automatically advance after 32 seconds.  The video is 30 seconds long.  I think Real Player needs extra time to download and process everything.  Late last night I checked to see what happened if I manually clicked the Next button right after the video ended.  Real Player failed to download the file.  It looks like someone trying to download it would need to wait maybe 10-15 seconds after the video is complete for RealPlayer to finish processing.  What do you think of this idea to prevent the user from having this time?
I would say it is worth trying.  You are in a position where anything that could help should be tried, but you want to be careful that you don't do anything that disrupts the presentation.  On some connections the load might be faster or slower than average, leave yourself a little margin.

I don't know of any service doing the kind of true streaming you need, but it is something I don't use so I have never done any real research for resources.

MrChip2PresidentAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice.  I am going to stop wasting time looking for a JavaScript solution.
Yeah when you see a dead end sign, its time to look for another road, but you would surprised how people get it in there head that the answer they want to hear is just around the corner and they spend weeks or even months trying prove the existence of unicorns.

Sometimes knowing what can't be done is the solution, unfortunately.

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