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wildcard cert across iis 6 and iis7

meleehunt asked
I have a wildcard cert that was csr'd on one server iis 6.

It is a commercial cert

ie.. *.domain.com

this server has www.  and test.  and training.domain.com

I have an iis 7 box that has practical. and unpractical.domain.com

I try to use the same cert on the iis 7 box but it shows up in the gui and vanishes.

I am NOT using headers so dont go there we are using separate sites.

This works beautifully under apache, what is going wrong with what I am doing with IIS?

Thank you.

I intend to wildcard across about 20 sites.
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have you tried to export the SSL from the IIS6 server and them import to the IIS7 server?

Here is a page with instructions.

Make sure you have exported the certificate with the private key. If the private key is not included with the certificate, this it does'nt work properly


worked great! thanks.