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Unable to Access Server between 11 PM  to 7 AM

Nilesh Havire

I have windows 2003 Server, I am facing some strange issue with my Server only in Night, we are Unable to Access Server between 11 PM  to 7 AM also unable to Ping from LAN if i will change change the time manually to 8 am then it will give access and reply of ping and can access my Server,  I did spend  lot's of time to troublrshoot for this but  I didn't get any Success

Please  Help to us

Please help

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Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network Consultant
Top Expert 2011
please  check event viewer for this application at that time? must be something wrong , check also schedule task's its possible there is update task running or on the application itself its stop working from time to other. ...what the name of this application?
Are you trying to communicate with the server on the same subnet and broadcast domain, or through a remote connection and over the router.

You see, there is a means to block traffic via time through a time-based ACL. That blocks traffic using a proxy or a router to prevent traffic during certain times. So, it is important to determine if this issue happens locally as well as off site.

Here's an example of a time based ACL::