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DVD-RAM writing, copying etc...

Hi Everyone,

I would like to copy my miniDV disc to a DVD-RAM disc on my PC. I wanted to make a multisession disc but every time I burn the disc it erase all the old data from disc and write only the new on.
And another problem, after I copy the miniDV disc to the DVD-ram disc I would like to play it on my Panasonic DVD recorder and it says error.

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First of all, most retail DVD players will not play multi-session discs. Those almost always work only on  computers. And second, the multi-session discs refer to data discs only. DVD's, Video CDs, Audio CDs, and all others can't be made multi-session -- they have to be written once.

And finally, when you say DVD-RAM, do you mean a DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, or the actual old DVD-RAM discs? It makes a huge difference, because most retail players will only play DVD+R and DVD+RW discs. Or the ones that play other formatscan only play those formats. So even without being multi-session, you need to make sure that whatever type of disc you are using can be playerd by your player.
Copy the contentes off the mini disc then burn that as a  DVD VIDEO or ISO Image
what's on there this mini DVD?
VIDEO_TS folder with Vobs and ifo bup files inside?
Then it is already a DVD you need to re-author it to DVD
DVD-RW or DVD_R or DVD+R << use any of them BUT!! make sure it is finalised, if it is not finalised it will not play on your TV DVD player
So why not use a standard DVD_R or DVD+R since you will lose the rewritable aspect