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How can I load and render SVG in MFC environment?


We are looking for a component which loads and renders SVG file in MFC environment.
The component should NOT be a freeware.

Any suggestions?

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Graphics Expert
Probably there is no such component.
MFC is from the time of Win32; SVG is a standard created some years later. MFC targets the Windows environment in the desktop, SVG instead targets the web, requiring a browser.

Another issue in this subject: SVG comes from the w3, it is an open standard, it is an open language and MFC is propertary environment. Difficult to find a non-open application/library to support an open language.

Very different and conflitant paradigms, althought the SVG markup language has some similarities to HPGL (the language for vector plotters) and to Windows Metafile.

Actually, SVG describes vectors and properties which can be converted to Windows GDI functions (actually GDI supports much more features than SVG).

As far I am understanding, what you look for is a SVG interpreter and MFC component to render the image in the Windows desktop. The development of such interpreter and the translation to WMF or pure GDI functions is a VERY HARD work. The experiences we heard around are deceptive. I believe no one will be interested in to develop a paid library to compete with a lot of browser solutions (like the excellent Corel SVG renderer).

I'd like to point the desired MFC component, but my guess is: there is no such component.