Brand new Dell N7100 laptop- battery not charging issues

Hi, my friend purchased a laptop and brought it to me to set up (run the updates, remove a few programs that are not needed and install a few programs that were needed). After I finished setting it up, I put the mouse over the battery and noticed it said 0% charged. I figured thats funny, its been plugged in for about 5-6 hours, so I tested it by pulling the plug out of the wall to see if the laptop stayed powered on, and within a second the laptop turned off (so it didnt hold any sort of charge)

I powered it back up and went into dells battery settings and the battery application said "the laptop is plugged in but the battery is not charging".

So I called dell and they said to leave the laptop powered off and plugged into the wall for 12 hours and they will call me back the next day to see if it was resolved. I plugged it in and let it sit (powered off). About 10 hours after I plugged it in I was planning on going home for the night but before I left I powered it up to see if the charge held or not. It still did not hold any charge at all. I also googled that error "laptop is plugged in but is not charging" and it seems thats a common problem for dell laptops. Many people said they had that problem and dell sent a replacment charger and that didnt fix it so dell sent a replacment battery and that didnt fix it so they ended up sending the unit to dell for a motherboard replacment. A few people said a bios update fixed it, but a few people said the issue came back a few weeks / months after doing the update.

I told my friend that info, and sugested they return the unit because if dell is going to replace the board, it mise well be called  a refurb laptop. They agreed and said they will pick it up from me in the next few days and will return it.

So I decided to leave it plugged into the wall overnight just for kicks. I got in to work today and I tested it (at that point it had been charging for over 24 hours) and to my amazment it now holds a charge for an estimated 3 hours or so according to the battery program.

My friend stopped by today and was looking at the instruction papers it came with (who looks at that...obviously not me) and saw it says to let the laptop charge for 12 hours with the laptop powered off before using the system. I realized I did not do that, but I know alot about LI-ON batteries and never heard of such a procedure, especially where the battery does not even show any sort of charge after 15 hours of charging (5 hours with the laptop powered on, 10 hours with it powered off).

So I was wondering if I should tell them that they should keep it now, since it appears to be working, or if I should sugest they still return it. I am thinking I should sugest they return it still, because allthough it seems to be working normally who knows how long it will work for.

I would think that if it was THAT important to leave it plugged in to the wall for 12 hours powered off, that it would say that on the laptop itself (maybe on a sticker or something, so the user could not miss it). Since it was plugged in for 15 hours and didnt hold any charge at all, but now holds a charge (after being plugged in for over 24+ hours) it would appear to me that the sensor is VERY sensitive and that problem may re occur at any time.

So based on that, would anyone agree with me that it would be best to return the unit?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The unit has some sort of warranty. So I would use it for two weeks normally (no special charging treatment). If it works fine and holds a good charge, and then also works for a proper length of time on battery only, then you probably do not need to send it back.

If there are any charging or battery operating issues, send it back right away. .... Thinkpads_User

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post the AC adaptor spec about the voltage and charging current
ditto for the battry plse
it looks to me that the AC adaptor is supplying only enough current for the laptop to run on, not for running the laptop + charging the battery ( Dell may have  used a circuit for that)
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thats common these days there are two ways on includes the battery in the charging curcuit and the other is on the edge of the charging curcuit and not part of the system
hydrive1902Author Commented:
Sorry for the slow follow up, but I played with it for a few days several days after my post I got another error about the battery not charging (but it detected the charger). I rebooted and it then said it was charging, and a few minutes later it said plugged in but not charging again. I told them to return it cus it seems to be an intermittent issue. Thanks all, happy holidays!
tx for feedback, and a happy New Year
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you. I was pleased to help.  .... Thinkpads_User
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