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SBS2003 migration to SBS2011

cpmcomputers asked
Hi All

We have a client with SBS2003 on a server we wish to retire
We have purchased a new HP server and a copy of SBS2011 standard edition.

we want to use the microsoft migration process to transfer everything from the old to the new server but note that both copies of sbs are the OEM versions.

Will the 2011 oem install media actually offer a migration option?

Incidentally, we have bought new 2011 client cals

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hi cpmcomputers,

OEM will not effect your migration path, it will still work fine as per the migration guide.

All the best

You will be fine... just start a fresh install of the new software on the new hardware using an answer file.  Be sure to run all the prerequisite tests on the SBS 2003 and do all the clean up steps, then verify the firmware is updated on the HP server before starting.  

BTW, many recommend the Swing migration method... www.sbsmigration.com
cpmcomputersManaging Director


Thanks guys and for quick response
Not sure what to do with the points
Would a 50/50 split be ok?
Jamie was first.... 60/40?  Just kidding, it is totaly up to you.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

FYI: We have a comprehensive guide here: