How do I set an association for an xls file

Hi ,
I had a similar problem with getting doc files read in the above software it was eventually solved by uninstalling and re installing. Now I have a similar problem with xls files from Office 2003-I cannot get them to open in 2010 office.
Here is what I have done to try
Control pannel>programs>default programs>set associations (Excel does not appear in the given dialogue box)>browse>Computer>windows7>program files(86x)>microsoft office>office14>Excel>open
When I click on open I would have expected the icon for excel to go into the given dialogue box so I can assign it to the xls files.but it does not go
Can the experts tell me how to get the Excel icon into the above dialogue box?
Many thanks
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
When you get to this point
browse>Computer>windows7>program files(86x)>microsoft office>office14>

You should see excel.exe if you scroll down
Select excel.exe and then open
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
The only difference between your setup an mine is that you have a student edition and I have a non student edition

My path is ..... browse>Computer>windows7>program files>microsoft office>office14>Excel>

no (86x)
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

excel.exe is there
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windmillerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help but no go
Eirman -Office 14 by this route only gives me 1033 and MSOTDMED
Going the route of (86X) gives me the excel icon,and two others" excelcnv" and" XILICONS" no excel.exe
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Try searching your C drive for excel.exe

(Click on START and enter excel.exe at the bottom of start menu)

Then right click and "Open File Location"

The path will be displayed at the top of the screen in > ,,, > format.

Click on it and you get the more conventional \ .... \ path format which you can copy
Verify Excel had been installed in the first place or/and repair your Office installation (Control Panel - Programs and Features - Microsoft Office - Uninstall /Change). Be sure Excel is selected to run from hard disk, not on 1st use.
windmillerAuthor Commented:
Once again thanks for you help
Eirman-did as you suggested but could not past eit into the appropriate dialogue box
Simplist Office is only shown in the Programs and Features list it does not show the individual components as it does in the start menu?
Tried to drag from the program list but no success
I got three options in Control Panel - Programs and Features regarding Microsoft Office : Uninstall, Change, Repair. Choose Change - Add or Remove Features
This shows a list of options to install. Check both Excel and Choose advanced customization of applications. Press Next. A list of office components is shown in a tree view.
Verify Excel is in the state : Run all from my computer. Press Update.
That should do.
windmillerAuthor Commented:
Hi Simplist
thanks for your persistance I followed your instructions >choose change>Add or remove featurers>Microsoft excel >No advanced customisation but four options against Microsoft Excel-Run from my computer,Run all from my computer, installed On first use with a "1" over the top and not available,Run from my computer was highlighted in blue.  I highlighted  Run all from my computer and some processing occurred but on checking it is still the run from my computer which is highlighted!
Presume I am still doing something wrong?
I would say you are close. I would recommend  uninstall and re-install if you got the installation media

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windmillerAuthor Commented:
Many thanks to those who helped -Simplest in particular -I had come to the same conclusion ie re-install again
Thanks for rewarding my answers WindMiller. Don't forget to visit windowsupdate to get your installation back onto update & fix level again.
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