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Recycler Virus Removal - s-1-5-21


We have a small network and I just deployed a new server with an ERP (SQL backend), The system runs extremely slow for these 15 users and I think I've found the problem - this virus.

Unfortunately, I ran AVG and Norton and nothing comes up. I also searched online and can't find any solid info on how to remove this virus from ALL affected machines on the network.  If anyone has any experience that can provide the direct steps to remove this virus, I would be greatly appreciative.

Thank You
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systechSenior Technical Lead

I believe that you are refering to recycler folder in c drive, if so it's not a virus and the size of the folder would be approx 150mb, if you still think that this server is affected with virus then try to run MS malicious removal tool or malware byte.
Why dont you buy a server licensed AV?
I just started examining this network and they have a corporate AVG AV system but it wasn't configured correctly. When I ran the scan, I found approx 50 viruses and removed those but the recycler virus wit the s-1-5-2 is definitely there.

I ran the following commands but after rebooting, the s-1-5-2 virus reinserted itself.

cd c:
rd recycler /s
Y you are sure


I am now running MS Malicious Software Removal Tool as well.  I may have 15-20 PCs and servers infected and I need to find a clean and simple way to remove the virus.


Removing the recycler bin and rebooting did the trick.