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PTR tickbox in Host A record query

mikey250 asked
Ive only configured 1 x win 2003/dc/sp2/dns/dhcp & 1 x wds server/sp2 (member server) and I can see the relevant files etc inside dns.

Qns1. What I wanted to know is I can also see 2 host records for both these server and one right clicking and selecting properties, there is an empty tick box for 'PTR', so wanted to know when would this box be ticked ?
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Senior Technical Lead
This seems to be the ptr records for this server has not been created. some times it wont create automayically, so, check whether this entries are present in reverse lookup zone, if not, create the record manually.


I have no other servers or pc's attached currently as trying to understand dns step by step!

There are only 2 servers ie 1 x dc & 1 x member server and on the master dc in dns I can see an 'A record for the master dc & an 'A record for the member server'.  So when I right click and select properties the 'ptr' box is unticked.

I am currently using only 1 subnet and have also added a reverse-lookup for this and 'yes' the 'ptr' records are in there automatically as just checked but did not realise that they were 'ptr' records.

Qns1. Ok so why are the boxes in my 'servername.local' folder unticked' ?
Top Expert 2014
Typically these are unchecked unless you created the records manually.  It's not a problem with having it unchecked.  Also, if you check it for one you should see it checked for them all, at least that is what I have observed.


sound advice!!!