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ASUS p8z68 Deluxe. Is it a big deal against ASRock Z68 Extreme4 ?

New_Alex asked
Hi people.

My i7 intel 2600 is looking for a motherboard that will help in best overclocking. There is a price difference between  these boards. They say ASUS p8z68 deluxe is different from  Standard and Pro versions in that it offers better BIOS using a mouse etc




Should I pay the price difference and go with ASUS p8z68 Deluxe ????  On the other hand there is also ASRock Z68 Extreme4 but it has not so good reviews

Looking for Speed..... and best overclocking....and easy of use....

Speed, Overclock and Ease

Thank you

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Most Valuable Expert 2015
From personal experience I'd go for Asus anytime when compared to Asrock. Asus generally makes the better quality products than Asrock, I've seen more Asrock boards fail, or features missing, than with Asus. For that reason you'll often find Asrock boards in budget PC's, while Asus is used more in the High End area.

If the Mouse enabled BIOS is the only better feature of your different Asus choices, I would get one of the others, I don't need to use the mouse to manage my BIOS settings, after all, that is something you won't be doing too often.
On my opinion there are two manufacturers of motherboards worth to buy from if you are looking for STABLE motherboard with good over-clocking options: Asus and Gigabyte. I prefer Asus.
Asus have 12 different P8Z68 models of motherboard and I think mouse enabled BIOS is the least important difference.
Let say P8Z68-V PRO and P8Z68-M PRO have VGA card integrated, while P8Z68 DELUXE does not.
P8Z68 DELUXE has better sound card with additional coax output. It has power eSATA connector, dual Gigabit LAN controller, firewire, bluetooth module,...
To see all the differences please go to asus web site where you can compare up to 4 MBs at the time and find out one which suits your needs at best.
Asrock is one of several brands I will not buy, they are inexpensive because they use cheap components.
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since you want to overclock (i always wonder why?) i would stay with ASUS, which has a nice overclocking tab in the bios


Wondering why nobus is wondering why I want to overclock. You highlighted a good point though !!!
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you did not answer it - imo it brings nothing more - only possible problems : overheating, cooling problems, and unstability