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Laptop won't boot all of a sudden

robertw123 asked
This morning my laptop wouldn't return from sleep mode, and the problem persists after shutdown and several attempts at restart.

The Startup Repair tool says: "Startup Repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem."

And still the starttup hangs on the black screen with the "Starting Windows" text and logo.

I tried to restore back to a Restore Point, but that tool says that no restore points have been saved,evn though I know for sure that there are saved restore points from using Revo Uninstaller.

I've also tried "Using Last Known Good Configuration" to no avail.

Help please!

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can you start it in safe mode press f8 during windows starting if its gets into safe mode
this could be a virus



Many thanks for prompt reply, Ian!

I can start it in sade mode, yes. I've done that and disabled all items but one on the automatic startup list.

That didn't help. And I've run chkdsk whiich reported 0KB bad sectors, so it does indeed look like a software issue, such as a virus.

How would I go about dealing with the possible virus in Safe Mode?


Pop your Windows 7 cd into your cd drive and boot to it.  Then run a windows 7 repair.
Maybe try create a rescue CD from BitDefender, AVG, Kaspersky or Microsoft on a clean PC.  This will get you started:

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If Safe Mode works, use MSConfig to disable ALL items on the Services AND the Startup Tab, and retry......

If it works, enable them in chunks, and keep trying to you fail again......
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>>  I know for sure that there are saved restore points from using Revo Uninstaller.   <<  these are not restore points for Windows; only for Revo...
it looks like a hardware problem to me; so i would run a ram and disk diag to be sure about the basics
best download UBCD, and run memtest fro ram, and diag for your disk brand : http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/      
post results



Thank you all for all contributions.

Since last I've done the following:

1. Run chkdsk, which reports no errors.
2. Done a maunal restore in Sade Mode to registry values prior to the occurence of the problem.
3. Unsellected all startup files except those from MIcrisoft.
4. Booted Ubuntu from a USB stick, and the machine then runs perfectly.

To my understanding, this all points to a software issue. The virus hypothesis is yet unproven, and it seems less likely given my activities and how I manage my PC, even though I can't know for sure.

I have turned the home office and storage inside out without being able to locate a Win7 DVD to do a repair install. This would, together with a factory settings restore, be the two remaining options.

Any better ideas?

Thanks again!
Try here, assuming you have the COA (Windows product key):




Thanks! I do have the product key, but those links seem to have been de-activated... Do you know of any other download sites?
Sadly, no.  MS has taken them down.  You may be able to buy a disc only on eBay, though be careful of fakes.  You will need the exact version you are currently running.



OK, thanks. I'll ask some friends to see if anybody has a CD:
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this can also help :9.75$ :  http://systemdiscs.com/


Brilliant! Thanks.
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