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Cannot install CentOS ISO on VMWare ESXi

pzam asked
I am trying to create a new virtual machine on ESXi 4 with a CentOS ISO, but the installation fails to recognize the CDROM when loading package installation media.

I have setup the CDROM to use the ISO in the datastore and to connect at power on. When I start the VM, the CentOS installation starts just fine. I can type 'LINUX TEXT' at the loading screen, and everything starts to install correctly. After choosing the the installation language and the keyboard layout, the installation program asks, 'What type of media contains the packages to be installed." When I select Local CDROM, I receive an error message stating, "The CentOS CD was not found in any of your CDROM drives."

I have tried several variations of checking and unchecking the 'Connected' box under the CDROM Drive in the VM edit settings, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas on why the install recognizes the virtual CDROM to start the installation, but then fails to recognize it part way in?

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have you checked the iso you have downloaded is correct, by checking published md5 sigs.

which iso have you downloaded?

try using the iso by copying it to the datastore as that means if the datastore is local for instance


It was, indeed, a different ISO version than I thought. After looking up the appropriate mirror for it, installation is running without issues.