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Cisco ASA 5505 - Questions about upgrading to Security Plus license

Mac2010 asked
Hi Experts,

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 router with a base license (10x inside hosts, 3x VLAN, 25x VPN). It looks like it needs to upgrade to a "Security Plus" license, so I can increase the numbers of VLANs and "Inside Hosts".

The problem I encounter is that it's easy to find the price for such an upgrade license. But it is not so easy to find out what you get for your money. I contacted Cisco but they're not willing to answer the question, because I need to talk to one of their "partners" -- I'm still waiting for a phone call.

So maybe one of you can help me out? My two questions are:

1. How many "Internal Hosts" do you get - with an upgrade license?
2. How many VLANs do you get - with an upgrade license?

I'm assuming here that the upgrade license is the "ASA5505-SEC-PL" as mentioned on this page:

Where the description of the license isn't clear either (copy/paste from the Cisco webpage):
Cisco ASA 5505 Security Plus license (provides stateless Active/Standby high availability, dual ISP support, DMZ support, VLAN trunking support, and increased session and IPSec VPN peer capacities)
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There doesn't seem to be a restriction of the number of internal hosts.
With Security Plus you go from 3 to 20 VLANs and get to do up to 8 trunks.
Oops. There is a user restriction. You will need to buy the additional user optional license for either up to 50 or unlimited users.
I believe you need the following part number:

this will give you
1. DMZ unrestricted access (previously restricted)
2. 20 VLANs (previously 10)
3. 50 inside hosts
4. Failover will be possible
5. 25 VPN peers (previously 10)
6. Dual ISP enabled
7. 8 VLAN trunk ports (previously 0)

hope this helps


Thanks, both of you!

Do you have a link confirming the specifications, preferably on the Cisco website? Just to make sure there are no surprises after purchasing the license. My reseller has it in stock, but as at most resellers, listed without licese details on the website.
hi, correct part number is with a 50 in it since you upgrading from 10 users. I can post the link later or tomorrow as soon as i grab on my pc. Max
ok, here you have 2 links describing what I wrote before



However I believe that in addition to your Sec Plus license upgrade, you will need to obtain a new license to upgrade the number of users. For example, ASA5505-SW-10-UL  will upgrade users from 10 to unlimited. Or ASA5505-SW-10-50 will upgrade from 10 to 50 users.

As for the Sec Plus license i confirm what i wrote in my previous post (I did it a few times before) for a few customers.



Thanks for helping me figuring this out! It's bizarre Cisco makes it so hard to buy the correct upgrades.