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Setting homegroup between windows 7

dkim18 asked
Hi Experts,

I am trying to connect my laptop and desktop to share all the files and printer.

here is the case:
*two machines share same router.
*homegroup was created in desktop successfully.
*I tried to join this homegroup from my laptop, I don't see "join now" link after clicking HomeGropu.

I restarted, but didn't help.
Any ideas?
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Personally, I think that using the HomeGroup function is really a matter of personal preference.  While I am a huge fan of Windows 7 as a whole, on my own home network I am rather old-fashioned and I simply used the traditional workgroup configuration.  It just requires a handful of key steps:

- Ensuring that each machine uses the same workgroup name

- Setting all of the machines to use the Home network location

- Creating an identical set of userid/password account combinations on each of the workgroup machines so that authentication would occur smoothly (i.e., without any password queries)

- Sharing out the central printer

- Turning on Public folder sharing so that each user could easily drag/drop folders across the network (http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/185333-public-folder-sharing-turn-off-windows-7-a.html)

Just something to consider.
Hi dkim18

I will have to agree completely with Run5k.   I also like most of the new features on Windows 7.0, but I do not like the Homegroup function.  Like Run5k I also use the traditional network configuration.  I also agree completely with all of Run5k's steps, I would only like to add how to do all these steps.  I will now explain how to perform all steps in exactly the same order as Run5k mentioned them.

- Workgroup settings.  Click Start, right click Computer, click Properties. Click Advanced System Settings on left plane.  Click on the Computer Name tab in System Properties window. Make sure the name of the workgroup are the same on all pc's connected to the network, otherwise click Change and apply same name.

- Network settings.  You can test if the pc's are on the same network settings by:
Click on start, type 'cmd' in the search bar. Press Enter.  
Type the following in command promt ipconfig /all. Press Enter.
Scroll up until you find either Local Area Connection (if pc is connected via a cable) or Wireless Area Connection (wireless).  Do this on all pc's.  Look at the IP adress and subnet mask.  Normally the first three numbers of the IP adress should match on all pc's and the last number must differ.  Subnetmask must be the same.  Ex:  

PC1                         PC2

If these settings are not correct on your pc's, please post reply to me.  I will then expain how to set the settings.

- Printer Sharing.  On the pc's the printer is connected to.  Click Start, Control Panel, Printers.  Right click the printer, click Printer Properties.  Click Sharing, tick Share this Printer.  Supply Share name.
On other pc's on network.  Open up Printers again. Click Add a Printer, select Add a Network Priner.  Search for Printer and follow steps.  

Hope this helps

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From the Start Menu, type Homegroup, and select "Find and Fix Problems with HomeGroup", and run the troubleshooter....... Lets see if it provides anything useful....
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Nice to have you "back in action," my friend!
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Yea, I missed yall....  :-)
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dkim18, how about some feedback?