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Anybody Got A QNAP SS-439?

pointeman asked
I like the 4-Bay SATA RAID, 2GB RAM and 1.6Ghz CPU.

Q. If you have experience with the SS-439; How do you like it?

I'm particulary interested in secure folder permissions and overall data security.
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The whole range of Qnap have a similar firmware, complete and lots of options. I've been deploying Qnaps 2 and 4 bay for clients as a backup storage, ftp server, web server and other application that Qnap offers. As security it can work as single users or AD, never had a problem and + Qnap keep updating firmwares improving the device...
sorry, forgot to tell you that the SS-439 is 1 gb ram. If yo have budjet limitation stick with this model, if you looking for something better I'll get the TS-459 Pro II...


Thanks, the SS-439 looks like a nice choice for small office setup. I'm thinking about shopping...