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extracting flash movie from web page

andieje asked

I am trying to extract a flash movie from this web page


It is the one about how pathogens cause disease where you click on the body. I am using firefox and get teh swf file from the page info -> media option. However when i save this file (and all others on the page for that matter) the interactive text is missing that appears when you click on the movie

thanks a lot
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Here, i did it for you: http://www.tecnologia.com.do/dl/

right click the pathogens info and select save as.

You can also do it yourself with a program called "Orbit Downloader"
BTW, if get yo download it and still cant see the text try this:

A.- Update your flash player: http://www.adobe.com
B.-Right click the file and select open with "Adobe Flash Player"
It's probably because the text that is missing is loaded dynamically from a text (or similar) file, which is separate from the flash movie (swf).

Have you emailed the site and asked them for the swf? I'm sure that if they are happy for you to use it that they will supply all the relevant external files as well as the swf.
Hello quizengine,

The text is not being loaded dynamically, i actually downloaded the swf file to my computer and I was able to see text and it was working as it should.


My dear andieje,

Recently you asked something similar. So I will repeat this.

Click on "Show animation full screen in new window". Then right mouse click and choose "Save Page as":

Then select "Web Page Complete":

Open the folder "fullscreenflash8-2.cfm_files" and click on the file page8%20How%20pathogens%20cause%20disease.swf :

And here it is and you can click every point on that image of the body:


best regards



Hi. The problem appears to be with my flash player as I have tried various solutions and I cannot see the text. I am having problems with my flash player on my machine. I have uninstalled it using the flash uninstaller and reinstalled the latest version in IE and firefox and I'm still having problems.

How do i find out if I have the latest version of flash on my machine?


I have right clicked the file and selected open with macromedia flash and it says I have version 7 r14 installed. So i uninstalled flash again with the flsah uninstaller and i could still open the file with flash version 7 r14.
Are we getting confused about the Flash Player versus the Flash 'plug in' ?

If you are trying to run the swf from your operating system - i.e. double clicking the file from windows explorer - then your need to have the Flash Player installed. This is a 'standalone' application that gets installed in your system when you install the Flash IDE (Integrated Development Environment) - i.e. if you *own* Flash - if you can *create* Flash content on your computer - then you will have Flash Player installed as part of that, and can run the swf from windows explorer.

Now, if the swf was created for a newer version of Flash Player (say v10 or 11) and although you do have the Flash Player, it's only v7, then that's almost certainly the cause of the issue, particularly since in recent versions of the Flash PLayer they have introduced a new type of text (called TLF text).

The solution? Since the Flash PLayer that plays straight from your OS *only* comes when you purchase Flash, you will have to purchase a newer version of Flash, and the newer player will get installed when you install the new version of Flash.

If you don't otherwise need a new version of Flash, you can still play the swf on your system, but only through a browser since that has the (free) up to date Flash plug in.

That all make sense?
Hello quizengine,

Yes that makes perfect sense, but he doesnt need to buy the product he can just download the standalone version of Flash player:


andieje, after downloading that, open it and search for the SWF.

Thats it.
This is the latest version: http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/updaters/11/flashplayer_11_sa_32bit.exe

After opening this file and opening the SWF it will automatically open with it the next time you open the SWF.
Cool. I didn't know that the standalone version of the Flash Player was available (and free).

I agree that's all that should be needed.

Well andieje,

First you have to open Windows Explorer then select folder C:\Program Files\Adobe and press F3 key to search your Flashplayer.exe file:

Then press Search button and you can find Flashplayer.exe file in directory C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\Players. I have installed Adobe CS3 and Flash CS3 so I have placed Flashplayer.exe in this directory. You will probably find your Flashplayer.exe in the some other directory:

Well, click now on the Flashplayer.exe and check is it version Flash version 7 r14.

If it is just rename this Flashplayer.exe into Flashplayer.bak.

Now, one important thing. Only you can decide do you want download a new Flashplayer v11 that have a bugs or you want to download the right standalone Flashplayer v11 that is debugged?

This is your choice. But, I recommend to you to download a debugged version of Flashplayer v11.

So, if you agree you can download complete package of Flashplayer v11 for all important operating systems.

The download link is:


When you unzip this big ZIP file you will find inside ZIP archive the three folders and for you is important only one folder - 11_1r102_55_32bit_debug !!!

Here you can find debugged standalone ( sa ) Flashplayer v11 and its name is flashplayer11_1r102_55_win_sa_debug_32bit.exe:

Now, you will rename this flashplayer11_1r102_55_win_sa_debug_32bit.exe to FlashPlayer.exe.

Then copy this Flashplayer.exe in the same folder where you have rename  FlashPlayer.exe to  FlashPlayer.bak.

After this you can double click with mouse the SWF file I send to you in attachment:


It is very important to not at first time open this heart.swf file directly in Flashplayer.exe.
You have to check does your Flashplayer.exe work normally and it is needed to double click this heart.swf with mouse and it is the best way to see is Flashplayer v11 become your default Flashplayer.

If everything will be OK and heart.swf will be opened in Flashplayer 11 you are finished.

Of course, if it will not be OK there is another easy way to set a Flashplayer.exe v11 as default.
You just need to open Windows Explorer and select Tools menu and choose Folder options and select File Type tab. Here is a list of associated files that are associated with an program.
Scroll down the list to SWF extension and look which version of Flash open your SWF files.
In my case it is Flash 9.0 r28:

Click on the Change button and you will get this window:

I will select Flashplayer 11 and check this box that Flashplayer 11 opens every time my SWF files.
Then you can click OK. And now you will see that evry SWF file will be opened with Flashplayer 11.

If there will be problem to find FP 11 you will Browse and find your Flashplayer.exe at folder where you copied it. Select it and click OK and press Close button.

Now you can again double click with mouse heart.swf and see will be this file open in Flashplayer 11.

best regards



Hi thanks for your help.

Originally i was having problems with both the flash player and the plugin in. Now i have sorted out the flash plugin in my browsers I can see I have an old standalone version of the player. I will sort this at the weekend and award points



I have macromedia mx 2004 and i have 3 flashplayers named SAFlashPlayer in the players/debug/release directories of the mx folder. Shall i rename all of these to .bak



Can you explain how can you have 3 flashplayers named SAFlashPlayer in the players/debug/release directories of the mx folder?
All 3 players are in the SAME directory with a same name?

If those are an internal players, and probably old from 2004th, then they must stay in the folders so you can work with Macromedia MX 2004.

The better solution is to make here in this folder an new folder and put here your Flashplayer v11.exe.
This Flashplayer 11.exe will not be in any connection with old players.

Then, you can apply this sollution that I have explained to you. This one, where I said that: "You can open Windows Explorer and select Tools menu and choose Folder options and select File Type tab.
Here is a list of associated files that are associated with an program.
Scroll down the list to SWF extension and look which version of Flash open your SWF files ...."

So, in that way you will join the opening your SWF files with Flashplayer.exe 11.

good luck




in the mx directory there is a folder called players. This has a file called SAPLayer.exe. This directory also contains 2 other directories called release and debug. They also contain a copy of the player

IMO there is no need for all this doing andieje, please read my previous post, the solutions is right there.


i followed your instructions, downloaded the archive, downloaded heart.swf and tried to open it by double clicking. The flashplayer v11 was in the list of available filesand i selected this and the file does not open. The flash player starts to appear and then just hangs.


i tried again with v10 recommended in this comment 06/12/11 09:13 PM, ID: 37246396

and the standalone player works fine