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I am looking for a C# book that would introduce C# by using visual studio 2010 and at the end of each chapter has a complete project coding example. I pretty much only learn by practicing examples. Most of the C# books that I saw only introduce a tiny part of the code and then move on to the next topic. So, lease let me know if you are familiar with any kind of book that meets these criteria.

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Vel EousConnect With a Mentor Research & Development ManagerCommented:
No single book is going to exactly fulfill your requirements, however, there are numerous books and resources available (free and purchasable).

// books

I have the top three books and have found them to be very useful, where one book might not quite have the desired content, another usually will have.  The first two (Step by Step and Illustrated) provide a higher level overview of C# whilst the third (Accelerated) is a bit more involved.  I do not personally have experience with the final two, however, I have read books from those publishers before and found them to be a worthy resource.

// online resources

You could list online resources until they come out of your ears and most, such as Switch on the Code and Code Project provide some good "follow along" tutorials.
jgyoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are interested in learning WPF and using MVVM coding pattern, you might like Advanced MVVM by Josh Smith. It describes a game that he wrote to illustrate the MVVM pattern, and you can download the code for the complete game. This link will describe the book, and let you see some of its contents:


The ebook is priced under $10. The paperback is about $35.

pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
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